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Savanna is a product-matching platform designed to help brokers settle more deals at lightning speed, keep on top of policy changes and mitigate missing documentation. Sign up to the platform and get instant access to ProductIQ, where you can filter loans from over 85 leading lenders based on your client’s needs—in real time and with 95%+ accuracy.

I only use Valiant. It is convenient as it offers one platform for multiple types of finance. That is what I'm after.

Erik Reurts


If you don't have [Savanna] in place, I don't know what you have to lose.

Scott Beattie


Thank you so much for looking after me. The new system gives me more confidence to refer
... it’s fabulous.

Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton


clients are matched with the right loan, first go


approval rate on each application


more likely to be accepted by lenders


SLA from application to submission


Valiant's online loan platform for brokers and advisors

Search the market & apply for business loans

Outsource your loan paperwork & admin

Free to join & use for accredited finance professionals

Enjoy 60min SLAs

Earn 70% commission on every settled deal

Loans from over 85 lenders

Faster approvals

Grow your business at no cost

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What is Savanna?

Savanna is Valiant's online loan platform for business finance. Referrers can search, filter and apply for loans for their business clients directly in the online platform. Savanna manages all the admin, research and accreditation for you, at no cost.

It supports business finance, automotive finance (including consumer car loans), working capital finance, equipment/asset finance and commercial finance.

Does Savanna cost anything?

Nope, it’s free to sign up and free to use. No subscriptions and no access fees.

How do I get access to Savanna?

First send us a request using the form on this page. We’ll then make contact and book you in for a demo. It’ll take about ten minutes to walk you through the Savanna platform. We’ll show you how the dashboard works, how to filter loan products to find the best fit for your client, get commission estimates and check on deals in your pipeline.

Who owns the client relationship?

You do, end-to-end. We act as your support team, and we don’t contact your customers directly or approach them for repeat business. We only contact your client if you ask us to.

Does the customer see your companies brand, or mine?

If requested we can white-label the dashboard so that your company branding is consistent throughout, so you can use it in front of your clients and maintain your brand.

Do you cover the whole business loan market?

Pretty much, with over 80 lenders in the business & asset finance space we have more than enough coverage & options for your needs.

Will I ever need to contact the lender or bank directly?

Nope, that’s what our admin & support staff do. You just use the single application form & our team then does all the heavy lifting with the lenders.

How does the loan scenario checker work?

In your dashboard you will see the link to the product scenario checker. Type in the structure of the loan, such as loan type, requested asset, cost, loan term etc and for each field you’ll get a green tick when it’s likely to be approved, or a red or yellow flag if there’s anything you might want to review.

Need $40k for a work van built in the last few years, green tick. Want $500k for a 40 year old Italian sports car and have no deposit? Red flag. Simple, hey.

What does the Valiant support team do?

When you submit a loan request our team swings into action. We pick up the loan, raise it to the lender, and start the admin process of getting loan approvals. Any questions from the lender come to us first, and if needed we’ll come back to you to chat.

Saves you from having to build relationships and field queries from many loan writers across multiple different lenders.

Why is it called Savanna?

At Valiant, we’re big on pride and team-work, and we often use lions and other pack animals as a metaphor for team collaboration and being customer-first. Look at our logo and you’ll see a pride of lions, and if you look hard you’ll see the smaller lion cub. And where do lions live? On the Savanna.

What is ScenarioIQ?

That’s our name for the scenario checker in Savanna. This is where you can check the structure of a loan to see if it’s likely to get approval. We’re seeing approval rates of over 90% when you use this application, which saves you from admin and rework.

What is ProductIQ?

This is the panel in Savanna that shows you all the business loans and offers on the market that match your needs. As you add in filters & requirements, the list of returned loans and lenders updates to show you the best fit for your clients.

How are documents and paperwork handled?

Online, using your dashboard and/or email. You can upload and store documents safely and securely, flag required documents for follow-up with your clients, and if needed allow your clients to load documents directly to the dashboard.

How are commissions handled?

We pay out commissions weekly for leads & loans you refer, and you can see the dollar amount of commissions payable in your dashboard.

Does the dashboard touch a client's credit file?

Only once you’re ready to submit the loan application and the customer has confirmed their consent using the privacy will the loan pass through the credit assessment process, involving a history check. Workshopping the loan using the scenario checker or part-filling out the loan details does not pass to the credit bureau or touch a customers credit file. Only once the customer has approved the application does the support team do a soft credit report to verify the clients credit status. A soft credit file will not impact the client credit report, but it does allow us to ensure the application matches with the right lender.

More questions?

We have more FAQ’s on the Savanna FAQ page, or contact your BDM for more information.